Empowerment Hub

An online place for kids from around the world to embark on a journey of personalized learning & acquiring real-world experience

Education Redefined 

Instead of teachers educating students, here kids support each other on a journey of self-discovery and bettering their world


"We get the feeling of creativity and freedom where no-one tells us to do this or do that..." 
Pilot Alexa - South Africa

"I really like the fact that while none of us can actually physically touch each other but we still are friends..."

Pilot Natalia - New Zealand

"Everything we do is fun! It's always about helping somebody or something..." 

Pilot Mimansh - India

What's inside the Empowerment Hub?

Fun and Innovative ways to expose 8 -15 years old kids to make friends and change the world

| Hangouts

| Quests

| Events

| Virtual Parks

All children should have the right to be empowered

We work hard to make it affordable to any household


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A Healthy Planet

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