AI-Fantasy Lobby

 | World Brief :

Once Upon a time what yesterday was a fantasy today is a Reality. - What dreams of today could bring to life tomorrow? 

We invite you to join us in this adventure meant to make sure you understand WHY it is important to be conscious of the role that AI plays in the world we live in- and perhaps inspire you to think what you would like to bring to life next! Each park has the potential to provide a playful opportunity for team collaboration and exploration around technology or whatever topic our imagination allows

AI- Fantasy Lobby Map

1)Information Desk: Come here if you have questions or require assistance of any kind. Also, during Guided events, you can find an AI Expert here to learn more about AI. 

2)Bathrooms: Come here to get inspired by AI-Powered Bathrooms

3)Shopping: Come here to get inspired by AI-Powered Shopping

4)Hotel: Come here to get inspired by AI-Powered Hotels




X: You are here 

Fantasy Zone: Cross the bridge to find all the attractions of the park

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