Fantasy Zone

 | Zone Brief :

Get ready to dance, and fantasize with AI. Through a variety of mini-games and creative content, The AI-Fantasy Zone is meant to showcase all the creative ways that AI is being used and how it's connected to disciplines and life-changing developments that you may not have thought of!

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AI- Fantasy Zone Map

1)AI-Dance Stage: Unleash the power of AI* to Create your own avatar celebration dance 

* This attraction uses Human Pose Estimation Technology

2)AI & Computer Vision Stage: In an emergency, the AI controlling a driverless car may need to make tough decisions. Come here to help decide how!*

*Soon this attraction will include

Object Recognition Technology

3)AI & Emotions: Emotions are still difficult for machines to understand. Come here to reflect upon how this may affect future jobs

*Soon this attraction will include

Facial Recognition Technology




X: You are here 

Fantasy Lobby: Cross the bridge to go back to

the lobby 


Zzz: Come here for some quiet time

Relaxation Zone: Come here to listen to music 

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