Quest Onboarding

Quest Preparation Guide



To properly register all Planet Pilots, Parents, Teachers and others who participate, we ask for name and email address of everyone. Please kindly provide these details to us below.

Single Registration Option:

For registration of larger groups, see Batch Registration Option below. You can repeat the single registration form as many times as you wish if you use this Single Registration Option

Batch Registration Option:

For registration of larger groups, you can download this spreadsheet, add the contact details of each Quest participant and submit the document back to us below.

1. Download this Excel Template and fill it

2. Upload the completed registration sheet with contact details of everyone here:

Add Your Registration File

or email the document to

Thank you!

New Branding (editable) (12).png

Buckle Up! With the above completed, you can expect to receive 

1. Calendar invitation sent to the email address(es) registered above. This will contain the direct link to the Zoom room we use for the live Quest sessions

2. Email with an invitation to join the Planet Pilot Empowerment Hub. This is our platform, where you collaborate with fellow team members during this Quest and also give you access to chat with other Planet Pilots and join social hangouts or other activities

Check your mailbox in the next few hours for this information.. Check the spamfilter in your mailbox if you do not see the calendar invite and the invitation email.