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Let's inspire the next generation of AI leaders, innovators, researchers and professionals globally by giving them early exposure to play and use AI technologies being developed for contemporary industries to

Past AI Quests | 

Buckle Up!

Explore, learn and reflect about AI - what it is, how it works, main applications and get started applying it for social good.

Age Groups: 

(9- 12) , (13- 15) , (15- 18)

Delivery Methods:

   -Online (At home)

   -Blended Learning (For schools)

In Partnership with:

Karla Taboada

Domitila-Technologies| About Our Power Partner

At Domitila Technologies we want to make AI education in schools a reality and help students to be empowered to use AI to change the world for social good. Thus, Domitila Technologies is developing an education platform for school students, families and teachers, delivering interactive online courses, programs, workshops, talks and mentorships, building a community of technology experts to support schools and making partnerships with organizations to unlock the potential of students everywhere.

To learn more about AI and what our amazing partner is doing please visit:

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