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Hey there! We have listed below some of the frequent questions that we receive about our Quests - however, if you do not find the answer you are searching for, please do not hesitate to reach out directly


What is a Quest?

Running for 5,7 or 10 awesome, adventure-packed days, Quests invite Pilots to gather together in their teams to literally tap into their dreams for the planet and work together to somehow make them a reality. Alongside other Pilots and their designated Quest Guide on two separate zoom calls per day (approximately 1 hour per call). The first call will take place early on, where Pilots will be guided through a series of exercises and given their daily mission. The second/follow up call will happen several hours later, where Pilots get to come back, reconvene and share their thoughts, ideas and any valuable learning with the group. The hours in between calls (off-line time) are for self-directed learning and further team collaboration. All our Quests have a strong well-being and inclusivity focus. Our highly competent Quest Master’s are not only fluent in the English language, they are also committed to supporting each and every young person who joins Planet Pilot, to feel: safe, confident and like they can do anything they set their minds and hearts to. We keep our Quest teams small to meet the individual learning needs of all. Planet Pilot Quests enhance the development of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, team building skills through self-inquiry activities, ice breakers, games and of course, lots of fun! Some of the main methodologies underpinning our programs link to self-directed, hands-on learning, collaborative play, design thinking, growth mindset, positive psychology and exponential growth. We here at Planet Pilot believe that when provided the right conditions; every child has the chance to learn, grow and reach their fullest potential.

What Methodologies Is Planet Pilot Based On?

Montessori. Design thinking. Learning Through Play. We are continuously working with child development psychologists, teachers, parents, kids and EdTech innovators to build what today’s evolving reality of our kids needs the most. Relentless learning is not only part of the culture we instil in our Quests, it is also part of our team’s DNA. Here at Planet Pilot we believe that when provided the right conditions, every child has the chance to learn, grow and reach their fullest potential. Our blend of innovative methodologies incorporates self-directed learning, self-discovery, and intellectual development through concrete exploration of the world. Built around effective thinking, effective action and effective relationships, our Quests provide an excellent opportunity to develop self-awareness, emotional intelligence, team-building skills through self-inquiry activities, ice breakers, games and, of course, lots of fun! Don’t hesitate to reach out to find out more.

How much does a Quest cost? How will I be charged?

The price of a Quest varies depending on the Quest theme and length, but generally they start from around $79-$99. We know there are many cheaper options if you're up for a week of entertainment in the summer holidays, but that's not what we're about. The price of a Quest varies depending on the Quest theme and length. We want to make a lasting effect on young people and inspire them to be tomorrow's engineers, designers, inventors and makers, which is why we always include high-quality content. To find out a more accurate cost, click the 'More Info' button on the Quest you’re interested in. You can also donate an amount to help giving under-privileged kids a chance to do an empowering Quest too! Visit https://planetpilot.org/donate

How can I prepare my child in the best way possible for a Quest?

Before the Quest you will receive some onboarding material - we suggest you go through this together with your child in order to align and ensure that you have an understanding both of what will be expected of you and what will happen throughout the week. If your child needs support with connecting to our communication platform - please assist - especially in the beginning. If you need any support from our side please don't hesitate to reach out directly to us!

How much time will it take my child to complete a Quest?

Currently we offer Quests in 3 different time-formats: 5, 7 or 10 days. Each quest approximately demands 2-hours participation in live-sessions (in the morning and in the afternoon), with in-between work/ exercises.

How are our Quests global?

We work with time zones that fit different countries to allow for international teams to emerge. So far we have had kids from Australia, Belgium, Denmark, UK and Vietnam and we are constantly trying to reach new countries to bring more diversity into the teams.

What is the level of english required?

It is important that your child feels confident in communicating in English so she/hee can actively participate with the other children. Our Quest Guides often speak multiple languages (check the Quest Guide description that you particularly are interested in) - however, we cannot ensure that we cannot guarantee that we will be able to translate to your child in case this is necessary.

Can you provide a certificate?

Sure - just drop us an email at the end of the Quest and we'll create one for you and email it through so you can print it yourself.

What is the student:teacher ratio? How big are the “classes”?

Our student to tutor ratio is never higher than 7:1 and can average 6:1. There is always a junior and senior version of each "open age" course and some courses will be open to two blocks of 8 students. Whilst two groups may work in the same room - each group will have their own tutor. large computer suites or DT rooms at our venues lend themselves to two small groups using the space

Can I donate an amount to Planet Pilot -and how?

Yes you can! Donations go to sponsor under-privileged kids so they too can have empowering experiences on quests and meet you friends from other countries.
Visit our page https://planetpilot.org if you wish to donate

What information is collected about me and how is this protected?

Please review the Privacy & Cookies policy on this dedicated page: https://www.planetpilot.org/privacy Ask us any questions you may have to this policy



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