Empowering Kids

to Be Planet Pilots 

Join our Empowerment Hub to create & share 1,000 ways to empower kids & youth to lead a better future for our planet

26-30th October

For many, this is the Autumn break -and the perfect time to get to meet new friends online while exploring virtual dancing -and learning about the invisible power of Artificial Intelligence. We welcome everyone between 8-15 years old.

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What is Planet Pilot?  

A Planet Pilot is a child or teenager on a mission, who learns, trains, self-educates & works on real-life problems with fellow Pilots in their journeys of self-exploration and global collaboration!

Planet Pilot is also the name of our Empowerment Hub which enables collaboration between Kids, Teens, Parents, Child Experts, Educators from diverse disciplines, and even local and global organizations to empower every child on this planet to create a better future.

Kids / Teens

1. Make new friends

2. Gain skills you need to design your future as you desire

3. Join Empowerment Hub - a unique online group of Planet Pilots that can serve as your network long for life with access to a growing list of online missions, social leisure activities & much more

Get Started!

1. Join Empowerment Hub (subject to approved application)

2. Create or join a project or activity that motivates you

3. Seek new or old friends to join your projects or activities

Parents / Guardians

1. Learn about the empowering tools and learning styles that fit the unique needs of your kid  

2. Get to know other adults sharing the same interest and knowledge on Children's life-long learning & education

3. Be invited to real, empowering and highly impactful alternatives to traditional educational paths for your kid

Get Started!

1. Join our virtual community (subject to approved application)

2. Create or join a project or initiative that motivates you & your kid

3. Choose your preferred role(s) & levels of involvement

Guides / Educators

1. Find initiatives & programs you can easily implement in your work and schedule to empower your students and help them own their learning journey in new ways

2. Socialize and learn from a community of parents, educators, child experts

3. You can choose to design or have your students design new empowering learning methods, that can be shared back to our Planet Pilot community

Get Started!

1. Join our virtual community (subject to approved application)

2. Join a program for Educators to get introduced to how you can turn your students into Planet Pilots

3. Create or join a project or initiative that motivates you & your students

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A Healthy Planet

Managed by Empowered Kids

Planet Pilots Apply Their Passions to Make the World a Better Place

Advancing the journey of self-discovery one quest at a time 

Global Awareness

The Skills You Need in the Future

Credentials Portfolio

Quest is one way we empower kids

Let's co-create 1,000 ways to empower kids!

Exponential Technologies are opening a world of abundance and collectively we can harness it for a better future but we must make it our mission to start collaborating and co-creating ways to empower our youth beyond what we do today

Can Collective Intelligence Save the Planet?

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