Planet Pilot's Empowerment Hub

Where kids from all over the world support each other

on a journey of self-discovery and bettering their world

Education Redefined

In this fast-changing world, we no longer need millions of workers with the same qualifications for mass-production

The time for personalized learning & real-world experience for kids has come!


"We get the feeling of creativity and freedom where no-one tells us to do this or do that..." 
Alexa - South Africa

"I really like the fact that while none of us can actually physically touch each other we still are friends..."

Natalia - New Zealand

"Everything we do is fun! It's always about helping somebody or something..." 

Mimansh - India

What's inside the Empowerment Hub?

8 to 15-year-old children around the world

| Hangouts

  • From Celebrating Birthdays to Cultural Festivities, Minecraft or Kahoot sessions... Every Saturday during hangouts Pilots set their agendas & make that space their own


  • How do I fit into this complex world? Have you ever wondered this yourself? The sooner you find a path in life that brings meaningful activities and sense of purpose, the better!

    One Quest at a time Pilots embark on fun journeys to solve global challenges

  • From TEDx Events, to Dream books and Matian Challenges We are always seeking to experiment and co-create new inspiration and activities with our growing list of empowering partners to bring Pilots frequent exciting missions to play alone or in crews

| Events

| Virtual Parks

  • Through a variety of mini-games and creative content, the Virtual Amusement Parks provide a playful opportunity for team collaboration and exploration at the same time.

    Each park is developed with different expert partners to bring new and diverse experiences to the kids, 

Our mission is to co-create 1000 ways to empower kids & teens 

All children should have the right to be empowered

We work hard to make it affordable to any household


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A Healthy Planet

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