Our Story

As Coronavirus was taking hold, a group of educators, entrepreneurs, parents, gamers, design thinkers and child specialists, from different countries came together on the wonderful EducateFor.Life platform to think of new ways to deliver learning, fit for the changing world. 

We believe that 21st century education should be inter-disciplinary, to solve the most important problems the world faces today and it must empower children to lead. Our initial quests have shown that children simply need a platform, and some gentle guidance, to ideate, collaborate and come up with transformative ideas to change the world.

This passionate team is singularly committed to building this platform for every child, anywhere in the world. We are also a growing team and always excited to connect with change-makers that can fit into our program




Our Fuel: The Planet Pilot Team

Our initiative has been made possible by the contributions of many. Here are the Quest Guides that you will meet!

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Contributors Section Coming Soon:

We wouldn't be Planet Pilot without the contribution of many individuals that have left a print across our journey. This section is to acknowledge them and the growing list that will soon be posted. 

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Planet Pilot Core Values

1. LOVING: Love as a state of being and for everything we do, with everyone we work with and serve. Love for the planet.


2. POSITIVE: No negativity or criticism that is not constructive and maintaining this attitude towards each other regardless of our differences at times. 


3. INCLUSIVE: We are current/future leaders committed to serving a culture that pulls diversity and evolves according to the needs of the community and the planet.


4. EMPOWERMENT: We empower each other to thrive and demonstrate our full potential by being empowered. We create a culture of autonomy and trust.


5. COURAGE: Being bold, not afraid to try, experiment, think big and carry an inner strength to speak our ideas and address any differences in opinion or style directly and respectfully with those in question regardless of position or role.


Join Us on this Journey!

We are supported by a network of 400+ advisors, specialists, educators, parents and coaches

actively changing and developing knowledge and best practices for innovation within the field

of education for kids and adults.


Massive Transformative Purpose

A Healthy Planet Managed by Empowered Kids

We are now starting to build the next, exponential, phase of Planet Pilot, which will see it transform from a wonderful idea to a thriving impact venture.


Whether you are a guardian or an organization, together, we can co-create a more “holistic” education for a better future

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