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Give the

Gift of Empowerment

For just $8 /month

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| An Evolving Virtual Platform!

New activities, tools and digital spaces are yours to explore, thanks to our Mission of co-creating: 

1,000 Ways to Empower Kids

Let's explore!

| Saturday Hangouts!

Want to take the steering wheel yourself for a moment? Propose your topic? Host the Hangout?

Hangouts are a space to chill and follow up with the important stuff that piloting our planet is all about in a free and less structured way.

| On-Demand Quests!

How do I fit into this complex world? Have you ever wondered this yourself? The sooner you find a path in life that brings meaningful activities and sense of purpose, the better!


One Quest at a time Planet Pilots Apply Their Passions to Make the World a Better Place

| Power Partner Events!

We are always seeking and experimenting with new inspiration and creations from our growing list of empowering Partners.

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| Virtual Amusement Parks!

Through a variety of mini-games and creative content the Virtual Amusement Parks provide a playful opportunity for team collaboration and exploration at the same time. Each park is developed with different expert partners to bring new and diverse experiences to the kids, 


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Piia, Teacher 

from Finland

“Really impressive.  Great idea and something really new! ”

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Planet Pilot Parent

from Australia

"Had an amazing call from her teacher saying she was very mature and not as fidgety or distracted...I think it's paying off on her attention at school"

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Valda, Teacher

from Italy

“Really incredible, this is the right way to interact with kids nowadays” 

| Easy as 1-2-3

1. Choose the age of the new Planet Pilot member

(parent/guardian consent is required for anyone below 13 years)

3. Start membership right away or on a birthday 

(careful onboarding taken care of for your family or the lucky kid being gifted)

2. Pick how long you want your gift to last

(no commitment - cancel anytime)


Kid Created

Kid Tested

Kid Approved

Why It's the Perfect Gift

Kids Deserve a Loving, Empowering Commmunity Too

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All empowerment hub activities are co-created by kids, gamification specialists, psychologists, educators and parents to guarantee they are age appropriate, fun, engaging and most importantly for us, EMPOWERING


Parents are invited to join our Power Parents Whatsapp Group to easily stay in touch and exchange thoughts on empowering activities.

The kids have their very own safe, fun Empowerment Hub, where they can belong and hangout with friends from around the world