Planet Pilot Educators Application

Planet Pilot Educators Application


The Planet Pilot Virtual Universe

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Welcome, we are thrilled to have you here!

At Planet Pilot we are calling out for two+ types of educators:

- Alternative or traditional educators that would like to venture outside of the traditional education system and jump into a world of self-directed learning, learn through play and project-based learning to empower kids to improve the world and themselves in the process

- Professionals from different disciplines may not be labeled as educators but that would like to empower the kids to discover and experience the impact that their own discipline of expertise has on society and how it can be used to better the planet.

Through inciting collaboration in a community of innovative thinkers, Planet Pilot equips educators with tools and mindsets necessary for a successful transition to the post-COVID educational landscape. Despite the tremendous technological transformation in the design and delivery of learning in the "new normal", at Planet Pilot we recognize that the most important shift required of educators is not tools-related, but conceptual. Consequently, Planet Pilot invites you to a global challenge to devise a 1000 ways of empowering kids. Alongside educators from all walks of life representing diverse educational systems, you will have an opportunity to design the New Ways of Learning, and develop a mindset of a rocket scientist, guiding our Pilots toward the future.

To complete your application and join us on our mission please fill out the questions in the following step 

NOTE: We ask everyone who joins Planet Pilot for the link to a short 1-minute personal introduction video!

To obtain a link for the video you make please follow the instructions on the link below:

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