Planet Pilot Kids & Teens Application

Planet Pilot Kids & Teens Application


Planet Pilot Virtual Universe

Buckle Up!

Welcome, we are thrilled to have you! 

At Planet Pilot, we believe that creating a better future relies on empowering YOU, our youth, from a young age farther than up to the horizon of your academic achievements. We believe that every mind is a genius and that not giving you the opportunity to discover your unique talents would hamper innovation. The academic model of providing knowledge can not alone prepare you for a world where you will explore not just the Earth, but outer space and unknown  - physical and virtual -territories for us all.  You have the capability of collaborating globally to solve problems that our planet and our species face, as we never could in the past. And you can do it now, in your early and formative years, because technology and context are continuously extending your minds and capabilities, equipping you with new powers.

We take a stand to help you apply your individual and collective passions to make the world a better place. We're shifting the educational paradigm by presenting Pilots not with content, but with problems. Problems we may point to, but mostly - with issues that Pilots like you perceive in their own world, individually, locally, and globally. 

Let's experiment together and find a thousand ways to empower YOU, our youth, to create a better future.

Do you belong in a tribe of relentless learners and passionate changemakers willing to live the paradigm shift in education?  Complete your application and join us on our mission by filling out the questions in the following step. 

NOTE: We ask everyone who joins Planet Pilot for the link to a short 1-minute personal introduction video!

To obtain a link for the video you make please follow the instructions on the link below:

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