Planet Pilot School Application

Planet Pilot School Application


Please read the 03 steps below to join
Planet Pilots Empowerment Hub

Buckle Up!

Does your school want to run extra-curriculum activities for the students? The activities that are empowering, fun, and engaging for students besides daily school hours? That can help them gain real-life skills and experiences?

Let us help you with this!

To do that, let's go through these 02 steps: 

Step 1: Apply, fill in the form and don't forget to reserve a 30-min slot for a conversation with us.

Step 2: Join the 30-min conversation with us. Here, we will explore your targets, your needs and you will get to know more about all empowering activities in Planet Pilots Empowerment Hub

Step 3: Work with us to bring the empowerment journey to your school.

It's now time for Step 1. Thank you and let's speak soon!

The Planet Pilots Crew

Planet Pilots - A Healthy Planet Managed by Empowered Kids

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