Planet Pilots Parent Application

Planet Pilots Parent Application


Please read the 03 steps below to join
Planet Pilots Empowerment Hub

Buckle Up!

You're almost there! 

Only 03 steps to go for the onboarding process:

Step 1: Apply, fill in the form and don't forget to reserve a 15-min slot for an onboarding conversation with us.

Step 2: Join the conversation. This step is crucial for us to:

- Guarantee a safe environment for our Pilots (our kids)

- Provide you any info related to Planet Pilots & the Empowerment Hub activities and schedules

- Get to know more about your child to prepare for the best future empowerment journey

Step 3: Get subscribed ($8/month) and embark on the empowerment journey.


- Within the first month of experience, you can unsubscribe and get your money back anytime.

- If you can not afford $8/month, please let us know during the onboarding conversation. We also call for donations and will let you know the available donated slot for your kid. 

- For any questions, please click on the chat function on our website. 

It's now time for Step 1. Thank you and let's speak soon!

The Planet Pilots Crew,

Planet Pilots - A Healthy Planet Managed by Empowered Kids

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