The New Way Of Learning

​Planet Pilot is a Virtual Co-Creation Platform  

for Kids and Youth Empowerment 

Holistic Empowerment

of Young Leaders

When technological and societal changes are happening at an accelerating rate, a new generation of kids and teens enters an era of empowerment. They are a generation who taps into the power of collective intelligence of extended minds networked together. They are young Pilots of our Planet, who - with proper guidance and in an encouraging community - are capable of vastly improving the world, personally, locally, and globally.


This new abundant world will empower us to solve even the biggest challenges in education

263 M

Out of Education


Lack Basic Skills

Academic model of providing content and control fails the world in the third millennium when kids will explore not just the Earth, but outer space. When they will investigate and understand the human mind and brain, new kinds of worlds - digital and virtual - that are still being born, solve problems that our planet and our species face, as we never could in the past. And they will do it now, in their early and formative years, because technology and context that are continuously extending their minds and capabilities equip them with new powers.


This calls for New Ways of Learning. Ways that will harness collective intelligence and fully embrace this emerging human potential. This calls for an empowerment approach of coaching Pilots to accomplish effectively through trust, respect, independence, self-directed learning, co-creation, collaboration, and empathy - along with powerful use of community and technology.


This calls for the Planet Pilot Way.

We believe that together with our youth, guides from diverse professions, educational institutions, and local and global organizations we can co-create an education that adapts to the needs of times by building, measuring, and learning from 1000+ ways to empower kids to create a better future for the planet.

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Our First Impact: The Quest

We begin our journey of seasonal experimentation with Quests.

Our Quests gather kids and teens from around the world to collaborate in solving real-world problems while building a portfolio of experience and allowing for interdisciplinary and social-emotional learning 

What Students are Saying

"It was epic. I got to make new friends and I could be free with my ideas”
Alessandro, Pilot, Belgium

"A lot of foreign friends and teachers"
Son, Pilot, Vietnam

“I can't wait for the next Quest” 

Alannah, Pilot, Australia

"I was able to use Minecraft to bring my ideas to life and it was nice"
Lucas, Pilot, Denmark

​Our Mission 



Ways to

Empower Kids & Teens

Confirmations of

Successful Empowerment

What Educators are Saying

“Really incredible, this is the right way to interact with kids nowadays” 

Valda, Teacher, Italy

“Really impressive.  Great idea and something really new! ”

Pila, Teacher, Finland

"Great project to foster and encourage children creativity”
Elisa, teacher, Italy

“Impressive how children put their effort and their imagination at work “ Antonino, School manager”

What Parents are Saying

"Had an amazing call from her teacher saying she was very mature and not as fidgety or distracted...I think it's paying off on her attention at school"

Planet Pilot Parent from Australia

"Boost desire for kids to discover new things; International teamwork & very capable Quest Masters"

Planet Pilot Parent from Vietnam

"I homeschool our tech-savvy son. It is hard for him to be in a busy school environment. It blew my mind to see him socializing and inflow no-stop for the week-long Quest"
 Planet Pilot Parent from Denmark

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