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There is Always Something New!

New activities, tools and digital spaces are yours to explore, thanks to our regular updates. Take a look at the latest ones.


Pilot Led Events

"Do not wait for someone else to come and speak for you. It's you who can change the world" Malala Yousafzai

What do you want to do? Set your imagination and passions free by creating and hosting your own activities in the Empowerment Hub like Alex who hosted our first ever Planet Pilot Tedx Event!

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1,000 Ways to Empower Kids

Be part of creating more!

From just $8 /month

Past Empowerment Hub Events | 

TEDx Planet Pilot

As a means to deal with our most pressing challenge we have officially partnered with TED on their Countdown to cut down our gas emissions by half in 10 years! Pilot Alex was excited to be the first host of this amazing journey! 

Seven Summits

Week full of inspiring activities

at the planet pilot empowerment hub to build up excitement for the event in partnership with DreamOnX

Book of Dreams

Rihaan and DreamOnX invited the Empowerment Hub Pilots to join the thousands of kids capturing their dreams on the Book of Dreams.

Join the movement and let's Day Dream together

Easy as 1-2-3

1. Choose the age of the new Planet Pilot member

(parent/guardian consent is required for anyone below 13 years)

3. Start membership right away or on a birthday 

(careful onboarding taken care of for your family or the lucky kid being gifted)

2. Pick how long you want your gift to last

(no commitment - cancel anytime)

Included On-Demand Quests | 

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Piia, Teacher 


“Really impressive.  Great idea and something really new! ”

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Planet Pilot Parent

from Australia

"Had an amazing call from her teacher saying she was very mature and not as fidgety or distracted...I think it's paying off on her attention at school"

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Valda, Teacher


“Really incredible, this is the right way to interact with kids nowadays” 


Why It's the Perfect Gift

All empowerment hub activities are co-created by kids, gamification specialists, psychologists, educators and parents to guarantee they are age appropriate, fun, engaging and most importantly for us, EMPOWERING

Parents are invited to join our Power Parents Whatsapp Group to easily stay in touch and exchange thoughts on empowering activities.

The kids have their very own safe, fun Empowerment Hub, where they can belong and hangout with friends from around the world

Kid Created

Kid Tested

Kid Approved

Kids Deserve a Loving, Empowering Commmunity Too

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