"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much" - Helen Keller


Experience what empowerment feels like by

hanging out with Planet Pilots from around the planet.

Live Event

June 5th, 2021, OpenExO invited the Planet Pilots community to present our thoughts on the Future of Learning for Kids -and how we already live and breathe it every day.

Meet us here in this recording of the live session

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Pilots were able to participate in MyMachine's co-creation process

Step 1: Idea

Pilots invented and presented (via drawings, models, manuals, …) their own ‘Dream Machine’. 

Step 2: Concept

Higher education students (e.g. in product design, game design, engineering, architecture, arts, occupational therapy) design a concept and produce a scale-model.

Step 3: Working Prototype

The technical drawings/designs are handed over to the Technical/Vocational Secondary Schools . They build real working prototypes of those dream machines, assisted by the children who invented them and the higher education students who designed them.

My Machine

TEDx Planet Pilot

As a means to deal with our most pressing challenge we have officially partnered with TED on their Countdown to cut down our gas emissions by half in 10 years! Pilot Alex was excited to be the first host of this amazing journey! 

Design our Civilization

on Mars

Do you know what 'Nexus Aurora' is?

Yes, you are right, it's the name of the Mars City State being designed with Elon Musk's team. A competition to design our new civilization on Mars was won by an amazing team with a gentleman named Gerry and guess what? You can meet him in the Planet Pilots Empowerment Hub if you join the Martian Writing Challenge!

Martian Writing Challenge.jpeg


Karina takes Pilots from around the world on a special mission in Spanish and English to team up and change the future before it's too late - the good news is that It's not too late to join the Pilots on this mission  

Seven Summits

Week full of inspiring activities

at the planet pilot empowerment hub to build up excitement for the event in partnership with DreamOnX

Book of Dreams

Rihaan and DreamOnX invited the Empowerment Hub Pilots to join the thousands of kids capturing their dreams on the Book of Dreams.

Join the movement and let's Day Dream together

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