Welcome, Power Parent!

Buckle Up, We are almost there



3 Steps to complete your application:


Step 1: Apply by filling out the form 

Step 2: Reserve a 15-min slot for a quick onboarding interview with us by

going to this link: https://calendly.com/planetpilots/15min


This step is crucial for us to:

- Guarantee a safe environment for our Pilots (our kids)

- Provide you any info related to the Planet Pilots' Empowerment Hub activities

- Get to know more about your child to prepare for the best future empowerment journey

Step 3: Subscribe ($8/month) and embark on a satisfaction-guaranteed empowerment journey. 

Note:  If you can not afford the subscription fee, please let us know during the 15-minute slot

We call for donations and will let you know the funds available to sponsor your child. We work to make the empowerment experience very affordable. When you click SEND in the form below, you are taken to the online payment page to complete the registration process.

For any questions, please click on the chat function on our website.