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School Onboarding
Prep Sheet

At Planet Pilots, kids, teens and grown up crew members spent the year 2020 building the world’s first Empowerment Hub in order to transition the planet from a stagnant education system to an Empowerment system. We already know the daily use of the Empowerment Hub can be fitted into a busy day of a school student and teacher. But what else should you plan for to get the most out of the Planet Pilot experience?

Creative Daydreaming Facilitated by Riha

Weekly Hangouts

"Play is the highest form of research" Albert Einstein

Every week we have a global Hangout! Buckle up for a fun couple of hours  along with Pilots from around the world.

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Empowerment Hub Activities

Included in Monthly Membership for Planet Pilots

Optional, Not Included

  • Profile on the Planet Pilots Empowerment Hub, incl. access to

  • Weekly global Hangout session (typically 60-90 mins) where Pilots meet fellow Pilots from other countries, other cultures. Topics vary. Hosted by a Planet Pilots Core Team Facilitator and/or a Planet Pilot

  • Regional & theme-based Hangouts: for Pilots who wish to come together and define agendas for discussions and projects of common interest . These can be weekly or with any other frequency. Hosted by a Planet Pilot

  • Free virtual book publishing tool with access to dedicated Planet Pilots book category on Leverage the Planet Pilot Publishing house for Pilots with clear interests in writing

  • Annual TEDx PlanetPilots event (virtual)

  • Individual Mission: From "Have a Dream" to "Build a Team".

  • 'Create Your Purpose' -Quest

  • Participation in the challenge, co-developed with Peace Journey with the goal to onboard and empower 100k Planet Pilots that will be present during the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference

  • Expert facilitation & presentations - on Quest-related topics such as The Power of Artificial Intelligence. Replace pre-recorded comments and sessions by live facilitation for your class participants in Quests.

  • Access to third-party platforms, such as Domitila Technologies for the Power of AI Quest

  • Mentoring beyond the available free mentors. High school students and experienced adults are committing to the Planet Pilots Pay it Forward Pledge. Many Pilots can expect free mentoring (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly). Paid mentoring is available also if Pilots have additional need or during periods when free mentoring is fully utilized by Planet Pilots. 

  • Consulting & Mentoring for teachers, school staff, parents, or others who have an interest in being an empowering network around the Planet Pilots

  • Core Team Members from Planet Pilots- for co-creation of Quests, events or other activities specifically designed and delivered to one particular school.

Your Onboarding Procedure

Every space flight begin with preparations and a well-planned launch procedure. Same for new Pilots joining Planet Pilots!

Your Onboarding procedure may be customized, depending on special requirements or needs of your Pilots or your schedule.

Please note that you can skip the final submission step if you are currently just reviewing the procedure. But pay good attention to the privacy infographic and the Privacy & Cookie terms, which you will be offered to review during the following procedure:



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Piia, Teacher 


“Really impressive.  Great idea and something really new! ”

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Planet Pilot Parent

from Australia

"Had an amazing call from her teacher saying she was very mature and not as fidgety or distracted...I think it's paying off on her attention at school"

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Valda, Teacher


“Really incredible, this is the right way to interact with kids nowadays”