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Learn about the Journey

of an Adventurous Cholita 

We are so excited to invite you over to our Planet Pilot Publishing House site, where you can read more about the Journey of an Adventurous Cholita, just published by the awesome Planet Pilot Natalia Gonzales Taboada. 

What did we like the most? 

Pilot Natalia chose to go after a crazy idea and put lot's of time, effort, and thought into making her book-  Check it out for yourself

At the Empowerment Hub, we are committed to giving Pilots the freedom to dream while providing them with the ecosystem and tools to support them- Learn more below

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What is Planet Pilot?  | 

A Planet Pilot is a child or teenager on a mission, who learns, trains, self-educates & works on real-life problems with fellow Pilots in their journeys of self-exploration and global collaboration!

Planet Pilot is also the name of our Empowerment Hub which enables collaboration between Kids, Teens, Parents, Child Experts, Educators from diverse disciplines, and even local and global organizations to empower every child on this planet to create a better future.

Recently accomplished

-and continued work in progress:

  • Launched our first "Quest" that serves as a gamified structure for project development

  • Launched the Saturday Hangouts for kids to come together and define agendas for discussions of common interest 

  • Launched the Planet Pilot Publishing house as the first of many empowerment accelerator for Pilots with clear interests in writing (To be continued with other domains e.g. Record House) 

  • Planet Pilot Alex Wolf hosted our first TEDx PlanetPilots COUNTDOWN event for the community 

  • Designed World’s FIrst Empowerment Virtual Amusement Park- Inspired by Disney’s Magic Kingdom Amusement Park to expose our youth to the wonders of exponential technologies and new or unnoticed disciplines (Starting with the WORLD OF AI in Partnership with Domitila Technologies)

  • Developed the concept of “local idea gardens” for our Virtual spaces to provide Pilots the right environmental factors for their ideas to grow. 

  • Developed with Peace Journey and EarthJump a plan to onboard and empower 100k Planet Pilots that will be present during the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference

  • Developed the concept of the Pay it Forward Pledge- for Experts and Mentors who feel fortunate about the expertise they have gained to commit a % of hours of their time to provide feedback to Pilots' and crew projects 

What next? :     

              (INSERT YOUR DREAMS HERE)                          

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A Healthy Planet

Managed by Empowered Kids

Exponential Technologies are opening a world of abundance and collectively we can harness it for a better future but we must make it our mission to start collaborating and co-creating ways to empower our youth beyond what we do today

Can Collective Intelligence Save the Planet?

Planet Pilots Apply Their Passions to Make the World a Better Place

Advancing the journey of self-discovery one quest at a time 

Global Awareness

The Skills You Need in the Future

Credentials Portfolio

Quests are one way we empower Pilots

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Let's co-create 1,000 ways to empower kids!