Welcome to the future of Exploration-Based Learning.

 Through curiosity and inquiry, we put the potentiality of diverse disciplines within reach of our youth.

Planet Pilots' Virtual Amusement Parks

About Our Virtual Worlds | 

Buckle Up!

within the infinite diversity of life we find ourselves with a surplus of career choices that are based on legacy reasons that no longer exist. We hope to set a balance by exposing kids to WHY learning about disciplines that are still relatively not well known, in spite of their great potentiality


Age Groups: 9+

Delivery Methods:

   -Online (At home)

   -Blended Learning (For schools)

Why Virtual Amusement Parks? | 

Why are we doing the Virtual Attraction Park Programme?

When we know why we are learning something we are much more likely to absorb the knowledge and retain it for longer. Our Virtual Parks are designed in a way that exposes kids to engage in a playful setting with a discipline and experience first hand all the opportunities that can be unlocked from it to improve the world


What do we hope to achieve by it?

We hope that by exposing kids to WHY engaging with a discipline there will be an increase in the number of kids that WANT to learn about diverse fields 

Exploration Based Learning through fun games and activities that inspire curiosity and inquiry

-Exposure to modern relatable applications of disciplines in the storytelling and attractions of the parks.

Fantasy Land: How is it being used in fun and creative ways?

Tomorrow Land: How is it shaping the world of tomorrow?

Frontier Land: How has it helped shape the reality we live in today?


-It's ideal to reiterate the meaning and purpose of the discipline at hand
-Allows experts from across the world to interact remotely.


What is in it for you? | 

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