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At Planet Pilots, kids, teens and grown up crew members spent the year 2020 building the world’s first Empowerment Hub in order to transition the planet from a stagnant education system to an Empowerment system. We are now accepting volunteers to join in one or more of the roles described on this page. Is that YOU?

Creative Daydreaming Facilitated by Riha

Saturday Hangouts

"Play is the highest form of research" Albert Einstein

Every week we have a Saturday Hangout Party! Buckle up for a fun day along with Pilots from around the world.

As a volunteer, you can be right in the middle of activities or behind the scenes as you prefer

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Recently accomplished

-and continued work in progress:

  • Launched our first "Quest" that serves as a gamified structure for project development

  • Launched the Saturday Hangouts for kids to come together and define agendas for discussions of common interest 

  • Launched the Planet Pilot Publishing house as the first of many empowerment accelerator for Pilots with clear interests in writing (To be continued with other domains e.g. Record House) 

  • Planet Pilot Alex Wolf hosted our first TEDx PlanetPilots COUNTDOWN event for the community 

  • Designed World’s FIrst Empowerment Virtual Amusement Park- Inspired by Disney’s Magic Kingdom Amusement Park to expose our youth to the wonders of exponential technologies and new or unnoticed disciplines (Starting with the WORLD OF AI in Partnership with Domitila Technologies)

  • Developed the concept of “local idea gardens” for our Virtual spaces to provide Pilots the right environmental factors for their ideas to grow. 

  • Developed with Peace Journey and EarthJump a plan to onboard and empower 100k Planet Pilots that will be present during the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference

  • Developed the concept of the Pay it Forward Pledge- for Experts and Mentors who feel fortunate about the expertise they have gained to commit a % of hours of their time to provide feedback to Pilots' and crew projects 

What next? :     

              (INSERT YOUR DREAMS HERE)                          

We are looking for volunteers for the following Areas:

Creative Production Area

  • Landscaping and environment design

  • Visual art / Graphic design

  • Mini-game creation / Attraction Design

  • Writing: Storytelling content creation

  • Audio Visual content production

Awareness Area

  • Researching about empowerment and education 

  • Creating content that empowers kids, teens, parents and educators across the world

Community Area

  • Engage the community / Host activities

  • On-board and guide new pilots

  • Spread awareness locally or globally

There are more open roles...

Not seeing a role for you above here? Let us know that you are interested and how you would like to contribute to empower 2 billion kids around the world!

See below to register your interest!


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Piia, Teacher 


“Really impressive.  Great idea and something really new! ”

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Planet Pilot Parent

from Australia

"Had an amazing call from her teacher saying she was very mature and not as fidgety or distracted...I think it's paying off on her attention at school"

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Valda, Teacher


“Really incredible, this is the right way to interact with kids nowadays” 

Register Your Interest:

1. Fill the form

And keep an eye on your mailbox, also the spam filter, for the important introductory email

3. Complete Mini-training 

You will now be onboarded in the Planet Pilots Empowerment Hub and be connected to your Mentor at Planet Pilots who will also brief you on your particular opportunities to contribute. WELCOME

2. Receive Introductory Email

Register for our Mini-training program in that email. Choose from several dates


1. Lets begin filling the registration form

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